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About Us

Systek Automated Controls is an international company that is in the business of providing the following goods and services:

  • Electrical design and design assistance for industry
  • Control and automation software for industry
  • System integration including panel construction and machine and process wiring
  • Project management
  • Employee training

These services will be delivered in a skillful and professional work environment. We recognize we are a service-oriented business and as such great emphasis will be placed on consultation and problem definition. In this way we can determine the customer’s realistic needs, design appropriate systems, and ensure complete usability and satisfaction in the most cost-effective way, keeping in mind your budget.

We are a very safety-conscious institution both from the design aspect and in the work habits of our employees. In all we do, customer safety, productivity, and reliability are at the forefront.

For our employees, we will provide a challenging work environment. We will provide for ongoing development of employee skills through continuous training, both formal and on the job. We will provide a safe, secure environment and fully expect that employees will share in our growth.


Having been in business for over 40 years, Systek has designed and commissioned controls for thousands of applications. If you are looking at the odd machine application, chances are we have already done it.

Utilizing the latest technology and design approach, Systek consistently delivers state of the art controls to our clients. Systek has the most complete diagnostics database in the industry, bar none.

Systek’s commitment to their customers and aftermarket support has no equal anywhere, guaranteed!